Craft-PvP (x50)
Gracia Final

Top RB Hunters of April

1 ImTotallyADwarf 74
2 EdVir 67
3 CasVir 67
4 Snoozel 59
5 Nescafe 49


You can test server on OPEN BETA TEST right now! All characters (not accounts) from OPEN BETA TEST will be deleted at Saturday 7th of December 2019!

Live Server start date - 8th of December 2019 at 14:00 GMT 0:00 LONDON Time

Download files of game right now if you don't have our game client - download files

If you already have game client, update system patch - just run LineageII.exe file!

New server and new WORLD is coming!!!

Right now you all need create new accounts for play on new server!

Click here for start! = > CREATE NEW ACCOUNT

If you have any questions regarding new server or have some good suggetsions write email to [email protected]