Craft-PvP (x50)
Gracia Final

Top RB Hunters of July

1 StrongWall 152
2 resurector 74
3 IronHand 74
4 Sav1tar 68
5 JanHammer 66

New Updates

1. Small Coins of Luck drop in Bandit Stronghold again!

2. GM Buffer got more buffs!

3. Max number of clan members is 200 now!


New changes after the last server restart:

1. Tiat drop system improved! Now you will not get situation when Tiat drop nothing, Tiat will drop FS and Vesper or Icarus each time you kill it. All who hit Tiat must be 85th level for 100% chance of drop!

2. Ekimus drop increased x10! Ekimus will drop 5 parts of Vesper Armor and 5 parts of Dynasty Armor + FS and Vesper Jewel each time! All who hit Ekimus must be 85th level for 100% chance of drop!

3. Spoil rates in Dark School Instance much increased!

4. Baylor doesn't send attackers to prison anymore!