Craft-PvP (x50)
Gracia Final

Top RB Hunters of May

1 DoKeN1312 196
2 StrongWall 130
3 Sav1tar 108
4 JohnnyCash 77
5 PlLlPlNAS 76

Become a GOD!!! Easy Farm +20 Equipment!

You can easy farm Dynasty Weapons\Armors\Jewels +20 now!
Easy start for newbies! Bring your friends! Become GODS of L2Toxic! You can enchant Dynasty up to +20 with farmed items on site! Price for enchants lowered. Check GM Shop in game for more info!
You can also buy for adena Castle Jewels +16! These new jewels are analogue of Olympiad Warrior's Jewels (Semi Epic Jewels)! Now if your clan have any Castle you can buy special Clan Jewels Enchanted +16 in your Castle! Take your own castle or join clan with castle!