Craft-PvP (x50)
Gracia Final

Top RB Hunters of February

1 DoKeN1312 161
2 OlolO 84
3 Mirajane 68
4 Sav1tar 68
5 Ra 62

Epic Raid Bosses changes

All epic RBs got old respawn time and 100% drop.

Respawn window for almost all epic RB's was changed, it is 2 hours now.

Valakas, Antaras, Baium, Frintezza drop jewels 100% right now, but FS books will be 100% drop after next server restart. All other RB's drop will be changed after next server restart.

More details about drop and respawn time you can get at Cat - Event Gatekeeper. Check "Hunting for Epic RB" line.